Batteries Not Included

At this transition in my life, I have to consider what I have done and why. To put a period at the end of this chapter.

I have realized that all of the politics are bullshit. All of the reasons are bullshit. All of it is bullshit.

War is.

. . . And wherever war is, at the intersection of people and motivation, are the motivated. The grease in the human gears. The gravel on the road. They are ground into nothing, or forged into something else . . .

Stop thanking Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines for their service. Stop. Stop doing it. You don’t know what it means, and they don’t know how to respond. The ones who have paid that debt . . . only have each other.

Honor them by turning on the machines and processes that are slowly turning our Utopian American paradise . . . and it is that . . . into a fucking nightmare.

A police state. A disaster. An agenda driven coat-hanger abortion.

Cut down your yellow ribbons. Go to the fucking polls. Vote EVERYONE out of office. All of them. Even the French have fired their government. What have we done? A fucking ice bucket challenge? How about a television challenge . . . throw that motherfucker off the roof.

Disconnect from non-reality. Reconnect with the world you aren’t living in.