I have devoted precious little time to the internet for quite a while. To some extent, I was absorbed in work beyond the web. In more recent months, I was embedded deep in research for a passion project . . .

I give you Drunk-ology.com.

A little backstory: Once upon a time, I fell ill. Caught sick with a hangover of biblical proportions. You wouldn’t believe the numbers if I told you. Suffice it to say that I capped the night of with a stunt that only Bluto would approve of . . .

I woke to a crippling two day hangover that left me bedridden. A medical professional who was present at the scene later told me that she regretted not calling an ambulance. I shouldn’t be writing this.

Better lucky than dead? I think not.

I spent the next two weeks resting my liver before even sniffing a drop of alcohol. I threw myself into research. My JSTOR account was still technically valid. I pulled up everything I could find on alcohol metabolism, hangovers, liver toxicity and treatment . . .

The results were spare, to say the least.

It has only been in recent years, since the mid-2000’s, that a significant amount of academic thought was put into the causes and possible Cures of the common hangover.

In the 10,000 years before that, it was left up to us – the Soldiers in the War on Boredom – to try and fail with every anecdotal medicine.

There was a light in the darkness. I found an article on treatment for acetaminofen poisoning.

What has aspirin got to do with alcohol, you ask? Quite a fucking lot. Any drug that breaks down in the liver has some of the same toxic side effects, and the common factor between all of them is this: free radicals.

I was hooked.

Drunkology was born out of a desire to Drink Better.

Why should man suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous hangovers when his only sin is quaffing a beverage? Why should we hang our heads in pain and shame for no reason other than enjoying nature’s miraculous drink?

The answer is that We Don’t Have To!

The science is out there, waiting to be uncovered. Like internal combustion and slinkies, Man can put his collective noggin to the problem and fix this.

Drunkology is about more than just hangovers. Drunkology is a celebration of alcohol. By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. There is a wealth of knowledge about drinking, about science, about physiology, waiting to be shared.

We have babbled at one another for more than 10,000 drunken years. We share our secrets, our sins, and every random fact we’ve ever misheard.

It is time for us to put ourselves to the task. It is time to drink better.


– Max