Just A Paycheck

America doesn’t want soldiers.  It wants Warrior Monks.  Sterile, selfless men who can function in the string-theory dimension that exists between Policy, Expectation, and Reality.  America doesn’t get warrior monks.  It gets men.

Men aren’t selfless.  Men have needs.  And wants.  They wrestle with these things – pressing and instinctive things – to do the dirty jobs they are asked to do.  Not just the glorious ones – the high profile missions the Media can sell back to the world and say Look at how great America is!  They do the ugly ones.

Hollywood doesn’t show the scout-sniper pissing and shitting in his pants for three days.  They show him pulling a trigger.

Nobody wants to talk about the divorce rate.

What drives a man when someone else is raising his kids?  Fucking his wife?  Living in his house?  What drives a man beyond sleep and food and pain?  Beyond humiliation?  Alienated from a society that has no idea what to think about his calling?

That calling . . . that thing he does . . .

Nobody duct-tapes their blood type to their boot working at Kinkos.

4 thoughts on “Just A Paycheck

  1. All the government policies about human dignity and self esteem seem to go out the window when the human in question wears a uniform.
    Servicemen are fire-hydrants. When the house is on fire, we’re the most important thing in town. When the fire is out, nobody cares if dogs hike their legs on us.

  2. You’re right. They want warrior monks! They don’t deserve warrior monks. Civvies praise a soldier, but balk at their daughter marrying one. They praise them, but pay them starvation wages. Words! Mere words. Why words? Words make up for the fact that they do nothing substantial. Don’t even talk about policy makers. They praise soldiers on TV and laugh at them in contempt in Private. No! These people do not deserve anyone protecting them. No they don’t. My dad was a soldier. I was not about to let the creeps in policy laugh at me. But I have a soft spot for soldiers. Is it worth it going through so much pain for asshole such as these? No, better I become a mercenary. At least they get paid for risking their lives. God knows that assholes in civvies and public policy are aliens to concepts such as gratitude, fair play, courage, integrity. I’m not risking my life for these pricks!

  3. Well, speaking as a civilian myself… Though no longer civilized, I admit (and couldn’t enlist, Nystagmus, congenital or acquired), I wonder why we’re never willing to fight a f’ckin war, but always willing to let our soldiers get killed.

    If it’s a war, well – bad things happen. Don’t allow the “freedom fo the press” to propagandize every little thing our troops do that is less than Boy Scout Perfect. (Real atrocities should still be dealt with, but not on the 5 o’clock news back home.)

    If it’s not a WAR, why is our military there, with people’s lives at risk? WTF? Don’t shoot until you’re shot at (and hope the enemy can’t shoot straight, or is shooting at Jack instead of you…?) Air support is too costly, so we’ll give you an extra M-16? And a whole clip of ammo! Don’t shoot “civilians” (insurgents)? Etc.

    How about we demolish everything from the air, and IF there’s an occupation needed afterwards, well – everything should already be dead, so if it moves and it’s not in OUR uniform, shoot to kill. End of story.

    I have no doubt they’d treat us with the same courtesy. They at least understand war.

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