Michaele Salahi

Watch 5 minutes of Real Housewives and your brain will explode.  Unless you are a shallow, stupid, worthless human being, you cannot possibly listen to any one of the glam-fucking shrews on that show without wanting to strip the flesh from their head.  Once upon a time, women like them were sold into sex slavery.  Now they sell themselves, pandering their own asses for fifteen minutes of spotlight.

Reality TV trollop Michaele Salahi was recently thrown off Celebrity Rehab because she is “not addicted to anything”.

It seems that a bunch of producers colluded to stuff her ass into another reality show.  Apparently enough people want to watch her drama, probably while nursing dreams of fucking her, that some TV people decided to extend her shelf-life artificially.  When it was discovered that Michaele had no substance abuse issues, she was booted off the show.

How low does a person have to sink to need attention that bad?

She couldn’t have just blown someone famous?  Charlie Sheen, maybe?  If anyone can make a Celebrity Rehab worth watching, it would be Charlie.  Put him on there with Tom Sizemore and watch the fireworks.

Her official excuse was that she has been through a lot over the last year and needed counseling.  If that’s the case, then pay for fucking therapy! Isn’t it bad enough that a show like Celebrity Rehab exists at all?  Did anyone really need to see Corey Haim blubbering about child stardom and drugs on national TV?  Corey certainly didn’t think so . . .

But other addicts do.  TV addicts.  The kind of soulless fuckers that shuffle and file for a living have to savor the suffering of celebrities because they have no real worthwhile relationships in their own life.  If they did, they would be tending to them rather than watching Doctor Drew.

Furthermore, if Michaele lied her way onto a TV show for addicts, then I’ll argue that she DOES meet the criteria for the show.  She may not be hooked on anything as concrete as coke or booze, but she is certainly hooked on being a celebrity.  Maybe that sort of addiction is too intangible for Doc Drew.  Then again, isn’t it people’s awkward relationship with celebrity that drives them to the excesses that land them on his show?

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  1. Those who lives are seriously boring watch these shows. I don’t have that kind of time to waste, and when/if I did, it wouldn’t be watching a bunch of spoiled, plastic women acting like they are still in high school. I know many people (men and women) who have a great need for attention, and will lie, cheat, and steal to get it – and that is on a locally social level. Can’t imagine if those got a shot at reality television.

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