Failure in Concept

Humans do not want equality.  We strive at every turn to create order and structure.  Specialization.  Division of labor.  A vast network of people taking orders from someone higher up the food chain, separated by invisible layers of social abstraction.

The seduction community attempts to manipulate this system by analyzing the correlation between certain behaviors and a desired effect.  The method is crude, but the attempt to examine causal relationships in human behavior is valid.

Understanding the rules of any system increases the odds of working that system in your favor.  In essence, gaming the game.

Unfortunately, the average Player doesn’t stand a chance if their Game fails at the concept level.  Here are a few common fuck-ups Pick Up Artists make in their basic understanding of Game.

1) The Shape of Things

Human understanding is inextricably bound to our perception of reality.  The things we create necessarily reflect the traits of their creators because we create them for our own advantage.

Humans don’t form perfect hierarchies.  The human brain does not process information in a straight line.  There are gaps in our logic that cannot be mapped out in hard math.

The tired model of rigid human hierarchy is not adequate.  Journalists and IT geeks are witnessing this first hand.  This is why they are starting to restructure their understanding of information systems as heterarchies.

Think of heterarchy more as a network than a rigid pyramid.  If our brains process information in a layered network that possesses the traits of both hierarchy and heterarchy, then our social networks will reflect this.

2) Alpha

The basic premise of Game is that mimicking certain behaviors can make a person appear more “Alpha”, thus increasing their desirability.  However, understanding Alpha personalities as being at the top of the social structure, or even as being necessarily male is wrongheaded.

Players who understand human society as a hierarchical tribe are making these mistakes.

Alpha personalities are nexus points in a network of information.  Their value does not come from behaving a certain way.  It comes from how well they are connected into the network.

Real Alphas are not defined by their job or their paycheck.  Cars and clothes are superficial, and a person who defines themselves by these things has no deeper value to the people around them.

Alphas attract other people because they display an understanding of the world around them, and demonstrate their ability to influence it.  The movers and shakers of this world are not simply people of means, they use their ability to influence others to achieve what the Greeks called eudaimonia, a condition of human thriving.

3) Motivation

If your interest in Game is limited to getting laid, then your goals are short term.  You would be better off spending your time at the gym to get the results you are after.

However, if your interest is in being Alpha then you have to consider what it is that you really want from people, and examine the potential consequences of your actions.  Short-term flings and one night stands seem like a great idea to the try hard dickwad who hasn’t wet his prick in two months.  A few months of juggling girls will make a man reconsider his methods.

Once he develops a reputation in his social circle as a pump-and-dump jerkoff or he gives a girl a flaming case of Herpes, he will become so poisonous to his own Game that he’ll be stuck banging coke heads and IV drug users who don’t care about the sore on his cock, or are too fucked up to notice.

Manipulating people and using them for selfish gain might work in the short term, but the long term side effects of being a total asshole are worse than cancer.

Don’t believe me?  Ask Tucker Max how his movie did.

Tucker tapped into something when he demonstrated that there was something about acting like an asshole that got him laid.  He managed, in spite of himself, to become famous and planted his feet on the springboard to success.  Then he dove into an empty pool.  Acting like an arrogant prick only looks like confidence.  This is enough if you are trying to mind-fuck a drunk co-ed.  If you really want to win people over, then Dale Carnegie has forgotten more about the subject than Tucker Max ever knew.  Even if he’s read that book, he isn’t putting it to use.

People look to Alpha personalities for leadership and guidance.  Alphas have presence.  They exude confidence and enthusiasm.  Alphas push forward when others want to quit, and they get back up when they fail.  However, any bombastic asshole can fake this routine.  What separates an Alpha from an asshole is networking.

There is a difference between being a leader and being a dictator.  Leaders include.  They enhance other people’s self-worth.  They praise them, and fill them with confidence.  Leaders set an example worth following.  Leaders admit when they are wrong, and they genuinely listen to people.  Leaders invest in other people, and their reward is the rising tide of those they motivate.

Assholes are full of shit.

16 thoughts on “Failure in Concept

  1. With all due respect, this is a really screwed up post. First, networkers are nerds. People follow leaders, that is why they call them leaders. Nothing else is necessary to the definition. People do not follow networkers. Then comes the question, are Alphas leaders? From reading Vox Day’s description, which I incidentally love, Alphas strike me as used car salesmen with flashy wives. Certainly not leaders. many women may be attracted, but top flite women are more elusive. And a group of puas standing around scoping all the babes are not leaders either. They’re followers. What you are tackling is a huge subject that you have over simplified. But, thanks for starting the conversation. I would love to see where this one goes.

  2. @ C-: Thank you.

    @ Robert: I have read Vox Day’s hierarchy. It is a clever description of layers, but I addressed your point in my comments about hierarchy. As for alphas, leadership, and networking, again that falls into the nature of a heterarchy. Alphas are social nexus points. People are drawn to them because they exhibit leadership qualities. Being a macho nitwit doesn’t make someone an Alpha male.

  3. Perfectly written. If I could sum up in a few paragraphs what kind of personality I’d want in a man, this would be it. Of all the different descriptions I’ve read about alpha, this is the most accurate.

  4. Very accurate description of the highest Alpha.
    You forgot to say that leaders also usually punish assholes.

  5. Add these two criterias that a leader needs to inspire into others: respect and fear.
    A leader does not need to be loved because love might turn into hate for minor reasons. But respect and fear always imbed love into them.

  6. You in the game, Bro? I mean have you gone out and applied the principles? Looks like you might have. Also your buddy Scotty seems to be a natural. Still looking through your blog. Wonder if there are any pick up stories in there.

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